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Gardeners Sharing
Abundance Program

Help support your community by sharing your garden's abundance through this unique and exciting program. If you love to garden and want to share your bounty, we invite you to join the effort of providing fresh, nutritious, garden fresh produce to local families in need. Contact

Vegetable Picking

How Gardeners Can Help

  • Plant foods the food bank needs

  • Extend the growing season by planting early varieties, having several smaller plantings & growing two crops in one year

  • Grow produce with fewer chemicals

  • Harvest & clean produce & donate fruits & vegetables as soon as possible after picking

  • Pack fruits & vegetables in clean, unsealed, bags, boxes, or containers

  • Deliver harvested produce to the Arlington Food Bank any Monday-Friday between 9am-12pm; Monday or Wednesday evenings 3-6pm

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Improving our Community's Health

Gardeners Sharing Abundance is committed to improving the nutritional quality of the food offered at the Arlington Food Bank. Join us and we will:

  • Guide you in the kind of vegetables & fruits most in need

  • Provide sources for seeds & starts for varieties that grow well in our area

  • Offer advice on watering, the growing season for various plants, and how to deal with pests & diseases

  • Give ideas for cleaning & storing fruits & vegetables to maintain nutritional value

Apples in a Crate

A Sunnier Future

With a little extra effort, our neighbors can eat fresh vegetables with the knowledge others in their community recognize their need and care enough to supply this simple  gift.

To register and join us or for more information, email us at

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