Let’s Help
Arlington Community Food Bank
Buy a Food Truck!

Arlington High School ASB believes no one should have to decide between keeping the lights on or feeding their children.

We pride ourselves on being a Character Strong School, it’s time to put that into action.

Arlington High School ASB is partnering with Arlington Community Food Bank to raise $120,000 with the goal of securing a refrigerated food truck to improve their services to our community.

To learn more about how the Arlington Food Bank benefits our community and how to donate to this project on behalf of an AHS club, activity, or class,
please visit theahseagle.com or arlingtonfoodbank.org.

Follow @TheAHSEagle and @Arlington ASB.

Here is the truck we have order and expect delivery Winter of 2021! 

Farmers Truck Shoppers.jpg

The Food Bank needs consistent volunteers. They have something for every skill set--even those who cannot come in to the Food Bank.

Some community members who need the Food Bank cannot get there.
We need to take the food to them.