Arlington Community Food Bank's
Mobile Pantry!

Arlington Food Bank, in partnership with Arlington High School ASB, the City of Arlington, the SMARTCAP Group and the SMARTCAP Corporation believes no one should have to decide between keeping the lights on or feeding their children. Together, with AHS's "Character Strong School Campaign", we have put our words into action to raise $90,000 towards a refrigerated mobile food pantry to improve services to our community most in need. This pantry will be fully operational and delivery services to the great Stilly Valley by Spring of 2022! To support this exciting project, click the donate button below.

Farmers Truck Shoppers.jpg

The Food Bank needs consistent volunteers. They have something for every skill set--even those who cannot come in to the Food Bank.

Some community members who need the Food Bank cannot get there.
We need to take the food to them.