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A Simple Gesture

A Program of Arlington Food Bank

ASG Bag_edited.jpg
ASG Bag_edited.jpg

How you can make a difference~

  • A Simple Gesture started in a neighboring community in 2015 with 6 families.

  • By 2022, A Simple Gesture had provided their food bank with:

    • 650 Donors​

    • 100 Volunteers

    • A proven method that resulted in 50,000Lbs of non-perishable food and personal items donated valued at $150,000 annually.

Help us build a successful Simple Gesture Program at Arlington Food Bank!

We Make it Easy To Start!
Here's How it Works

  1. Buy one or more extra non-perishable food items each time you shop for groceries.

  2. Place the extra item(s) in your cool 'red' bag.

  3. On the 2nd Saturday of EVEN months, a Volunteer will stop by and pick up your bag, leave a new bag, and take the food to Arlington Food Bank.

Fill a bag, leave a bag outside your front door and we'll do the rest!

FoF Tshirt_Olivia.jpg

Other Ways to Help

Collect Bags

On the 2nd Saturday of even months, use your vehicle to pick up bags and bring them to the food bank.

Spread the Word

If you think a Simple Gesture is a great way to help those in our community, spread the word to your friends and neighbors!


The food bank can always use help sorting and organizing donations. There's a job for everyone, don't be shy and apply!

To join us and help your community through A Simple Gesture, contact us at

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