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Our Misson

More Than Fighting Hunger

At the Arlington Community Food Bank, our mission extends beyond merely alleviating hunger; it's about addressing the root causes of hunger in our community, ensuring everyone has access to nutritious food irrespective of their circumstances. We strive to provide immediate relief to those facing hunger today in Arlington and the surrounding areas. We champion self-reliance through educational and nutritional programs, empowering individuals to break free from the cycle of hunger. Through collaborations with local farmers and conservation programs, we aim to promote sustainable food sources. Additionally, we advocate for public policies and programs that tackle hunger at its core, urging lawmakers to prioritize food security in their agendas. We are committed to addressing systemic issues that undercut food security, with a particular focus on underserved communities and the interplay of race and place in individual and community health. Our approach is to continuously evolve our strategies to meet the changing needs of our community, engaging people facing hunger in both long-term solutions and day-to-day program delivery. With the generous support of corporate, civic, and individual donors, we are fostering a community of hope, resilience, and self-sufficiency, ensuring that the basic human right to food is met, today and every day thereafter​.

The Revolution

The Arlington Community Food Bank in Washington emerged amid rising hunger concerns in Arlington and Lakewood within Snohomish County. Over time, it evolved to tackle hunger holistically, distinguishing itself by adopting a market-style model over the typical box grab-and-go, being among the first in Washington to take this leap. The narrative took a dramatic turn when our new CEO, Carla, stepped in at a time when the food bank was laden with unhealthy, expired food and scant support. Under Carla's steadfast leadership, the food bank transformed, becoming a key player in revolutionizing food bank operations. Arlington pioneered by introducing a mobile food truck to assist those without transportation, extending our reach further into the community. Additionally, we've built unique collaborations with local farmers and delved into farming conservation programs, affirming our commitment to sustainable food sourcing. We also actively champion policies and programs that strike at the root causes of hunger, reflecting our community-centered approach towards building a hunger-free community and fostering sustainable food security. Through these relentless efforts, the Arlington Community Food Bank stands as a beacon of hope, providing immediate relief while working tirelessly on broader solutions to eradicate hunger and promote food security.

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